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At Just Vision we offer a variety of services specifically catering for your individual needs. We assure you we will go the extra mile to provide you the absolute best that you deserve.



6 Months Interest Free Payment

We offer 6 months interest free payment on all our glasses and contact lenses. You still get your glasses and contact lenses and don’t have to wait until you finished payments. 


Eye Test

At Just vision you can be sure not to have JUST another Eye Test. We are passionate about providing quality Eye Care and it is our priority to provide you with clear comfortable vision. We also offer Retinal Photography ( Photo of the back of your eye) and Tonometry.


Contact Lenses

Feel Tired of wearing glasses or maybe JUST in the mood for a new look? Why not let us help you by providing you with a free trial pair of contact lenses after your first eye examination? We can order from a wide range of suppliers to make sure we get the best lens suited JUST for you.


Free Glaucoma Screening

Glaucoma is a condition where there is an increase in pressure within your eyeball, causing damage to your eye’s optic nerve, leading to gradual vision loss. With early detection and intervention, glaucoma can be prevented. We care about you and the health of your eyes. Visit us today for your free screening.

Mission & Values

About Us & What We Strive For

Just Vision is a social entrepreneurial business with branches currently in Bloemfontein and George. Our desire is to make a noticeable difference in the lives of the people in our communities. We are so passionate about this value that we donate a percentage of our monthly turnover to intentional and purposeful projects, which provides lasting transformation to the people we devote ourselves to. Quality eye care is of utmost importance to us, so we have invested in some of the latest technology to complement our high-level customer service, in excellence.

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Our Team

Japie Lubbe

Japie Lubbe


Valerie Small

Valerie Small

Administration and Lab Technician

Sonia Moos

Sonia Moos

Reception and Administration


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have package deals?

Yes. We have tailored some amazing packages JUST for you. These packages are all-inclusive (Full eye examination, Frame and Lenses.)

Do you accept Medical aid?

Yes. We are contracted to almost all Medical Aids in South Africa. We will also gladly assist in contacting your Medical aid for your available benefits.  

Do you have payment plans?

Yes. We have a 6 months, interest free, debit order payment facility available.

Should I decide on the 6 months interest free payment option, do I only receive my spectacles after full payment?

No. Your spectacles will be available for collection as soon as they are ready.

Why should I have my Eyes tested?

Most eye care professionals recommend that you should have your eyes examined at least every two years. An eye examination will reveal whether you need prescription lenses or an update on your current prescription. General health risks like; Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cholesterol, Glaucoma, Cataracts and Macular degeneration can also be detected during an examination.

Interesting Fact: The eyes are the only part of the body where arteries and veins can be viewed without performing special procedures.

Why do I need an eye test every 2 years if my vision is still good without any other symptoms?

Changes in your eyes are usually very gradual and you become accustomed to it. Regular eye exams are therefore recommended to detect any variations and provide proper eyecare before it develops into something more serious.  

At what age should I have my children’s eyes tested?

Children can be tested at any age.  We strongly recommend that they have their eyes tested before entering formal schooling to evaluate their general eyecare.  If however you do suspect a problem, earlier on, do not hesitate to have their eyes examined. 

I used to be able to read without Spectacles. Why can’t I read anymore?

The reality is that as part of the normal aging process, the lenses in our eyes gradually loose the ability to focus. It feels like your arms are getting too short when you read and you need more direct light. This common problem is easy to correct. We are able to correct this with reading lenses, Bifocals or Progressive (Multifocal) lenses.

Can I wear contact lenses?

Contact lens technology has advanced much over the past few years. Almost all refractive errors can be corrected with contact lenses. Each patient will be assessed on an individual basis to determine the optimum treatment plan for his or her needs.

If I wear Spectacles/Contact lenses will it make my eyes worse?

No. The spectacles and contact lenses only correct an already existing eye problem. As research continues in this field we are committed to provide you with the best possible advice and treatment.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Yes. We always give preference to patients that booked an appointment, however we will always try to assist our walk in patients. You are more than welcome to leave your details in our contact form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you to schedule an appointment.


What People Are Saying

This was more than just getting glasses. For the first time I am not looking for my reading glasses and then my driving glasses. One pair doing it all and fit from day one. Thanks Dr Lubbe your are the best.

Brandt Visser

I was there for my eye test. Great service with a very friendly Optomitrist and Reception. Thorough eye test and great feedback on the result of my eye test. Thank you for great service. A total wow in George.

Sheila Janse van Rensburg

AMAZING friendly service from Dr Lubbe. He is extremely nice and my new glasses fit like a glove.

D'Metri Bok Griessel

Highly quality Dr that specialized in his work

Jolene Malgas

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